VPS vs RDP 【Differences Explained 2024】

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I hope you will agree with me when I say,

 Computer networking is an essential aspect of every business and regular equation. 

The demand for computer networking is increasing day by day and manufacturers are coming up with unique solutions to cater to the demand in the best way possible. Computer networking is being used by companies for their everyday tasks. Many services are available in the market for this purpose. The two main services that are interchangeably being used and confused between are the VPS vs RDP.

VPS is being compared with RDP and these services are being quite confused. This article will clear up all the confusion between the two. Remember, VPS and RDP are both different services.

What Is A VPS Server?

A VPS is an acronym for Virtual Private Server. It is similar to the technology of virtual machines. It behaves like an independent computer with an independent environment having a dedicated pool of resources. Users get the ability to run different virtualized operating systems on one machine only using the VPS server. Hence, it can be stated that a VPS server runs its own copy of an operating system (OS).

Instead of buying, you can take advantage of a Windows VPS to run on your remote desktop of Linux server, and vice versa, with a high-performance, best managed, and fastest VPS server. You can get cheap cloud VPS hosting in the UK quite easily.

What Is A VPS Server Used For?

If you are still wondering what is a VPS server used for, well, it used for hosting purposes. You can host your website and your data on a VPS on your remote desktop. It gives you the access to make use of the dedicated server resources, bandwidth, and storage via cloud or hosting provider.

How Much Does A VPS Cost?

There are several options for cheap cloud VPS hosting in the UK. Some of the high performance, best managed, fastest VPS servers are listed below:

  • OpenVZ / Virtuozzo
  • KVM
  • VMware ESX
  • Xen / Citrix
  • OpenStack
  • HyperV
  • Proxmox VE

How much does a VPS cost depends upon several factors and features that you are being provided by the server. Since VPS provides you with administrative access, you can install and use any application that you want. This freedom makes VPS expensive for the user.

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How To Use VPS?

If you are wondering how to set up and use a VPS, we have attached an easy tutorial for you below.  It will help you understand how to set up and access a VPS correctly and quickly in only a few simple steps:

What Is An RDP Account?

When comparing VPS vs RDP, RDP is quite different from VPS. While VPS is a server on its own, RDP is a Microsoft technology, a protocol, that is designed to facilitate security, data transfer, applications, and encryption between client users, devices, and a virtual network server. RDP is an acronym of Remote Desktop Protocol. You can buy a free RDP account to access the desktop of another computer using a graphical interface. You do not get administrator access to the server; hence, an RDP account restricts your freedom in this case.

Each RDP server can be accessed by 5 to 20 different desktop accounts. You can remotely access the windows of the server computer and all the information as well as the application installed on the desktop. RDP protocol words through the 3389 TCP port.

What Is RDP Account Used For?

An RDP account lets you access the desktop of another computer. RDP server is the remote computer that you want to access while the client computer is where you want to access the terminal server from. You get the full view of the server computer. Using your keyboard and mouse you can access and control the remote computer/ server.

How To Use an RDP Account?

You can easily install a free VPS or RDP service and connect with the server computer through the mentioned steps.

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How Much Does an RDP Account Cost?

An RDP account is comparatively cheaper than VPS because you do not have administrative access to the server. In addition, RDP is easier to use and it does not require any technical knowledge for usage. It is automatically set up by the provider and you instantly get access to the full-fledged service. As soon as you enter the login credentials you can access all the functionalities.

Here are some of the services that provide a similar benefit:

  • VNC Solutions
  • LogMeIn
  • TeamViewer


VPS RDP free solutions are two different services, ideal for separate needs. If you want to host websites or get complete control of the server, you should go for a VPS server when choosing between VPS RDP-free solutions. On the other hand, if you do not want administrator access to the server and you only need a shared server with high configuration, you should go for RDP when choosing between VPS RDP-free solutions.

An RDP account will provide you with a remote display of your server. You can access all the installed applications running on the desktop. On the other hand, VPS is a virtual machine that can mimic the server completely and it also allows you to run a different OS. Hence, you can buy a Windows VPS server and enjoy the features of a Linux OS using VPS.

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We hope the difference between the two services has been clear to you. Next time whenever you hear these services being used interchangeably, let the other person know the difference between the two. There is no definite method of choosing one service over the other. Selecting the ideal service solely depends upon your needs.

We have mentioned the difference between the two services to help you differentiate them clearly and make the right decision according to your requirements.