7 Cheapest PostgreSQL Hosting Providers of 2024

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If you are searching for cheap Postgres hostings then that shows that you already own a small website or an app. And now you must have decided to take your online platform to high limits. Therefore, a trustworthy hosting service is all you need now. Here our experts have come forward with the best blog for cheap hosting which will be very helpful for you.

There are two types: managed and unmanaged. Managed means someone else takes care of everything, so you can focus on your cool app. Unmanaged is more DIY, where you have more control but need to do more work yourself.

You can make your database bigger as your app gets more popular, and you can even set it up so if something breaks, it’s not a big deal. Security is a big deal, too. They make sure bad people can’t mess with your data. And don’t worry about losing your stuff. They make backups, like saving your game progress, so you won’t lose anything.

Where your data lives is important, too. You can pick where in the world it’s stored. And if you need help or something goes wrong, some providers have support 24/7. They watch your data to make sure it’s healthy and fast. One thing to remember is that it can cost money, and the price can change depending on how much you use it. Make sure it works with your app’s programming language and tools. And if you want to move your data somewhere else later, think about if it’s easy to do.

We’ve tested some of the hostings and have posted our results below

Cheap PostgreSQL Hostings According to our Tests

DMCA Ignored Dedicated ServerRanking
Digital Ocean9.5
OVH cloud8


Why we love it

  • Three-day free trial
  • Access to most features available on cloud ways
  • Unlimited databases
  • User-friendly protocols
  • Certification
  • Flexible pricing.

Digital Ocean

Why we love it

  • Includes free credits for two months
  • Most affordable digital ocean pricing
  • Manageable databases
  • Built for developers


Why we love it

  • Hourly pricing
  • Customized configuration
  • Easy to customize panels.
  • Accessible cloud features


Why we love it

  • Secured and safe
  • Best deployment policy
  • Manageable
  • Highly cost-effective
  • Well-liked performance.
  • Available worldwide.

OVH Cloud

Why we love it

  • DB features are available.
  • Most secured hosting
  • Best for European-based hosting.


Why we love it

  • Panels are available.
  • Privatization in networking
  • Manageable Postgres SQL.
  • customized cloud.


Why we love it

  • considerable set of resources.
  • Best support SQL
  • Updated hardware qualities.
  • Affordable prices with essential features.

What are some advantages of using these?

Cheap hosting is highly affordable. Some of them come with free credits also. Therefore, for an average user, these can be a great source of help. The affordability is the main reason why you should pick one of these.

Most of them come with essential features that any business owner with a website or app needs. There is a variety of hosting sources that can help their user to have the best features.

A lot of these Postgres hosting are very easy to use. Developers feel very comfortable while using them as some of them have one-click installations as well. Therefore this list of Postgres hosting can be a great way of increasing your sales on your online business platform.

What are some disadvantages of using these?

Not all of the hosting are secure to use. There can be a risk of malware if you do not properly spend on any hosting. therefore, make sure that you read all the content related to the hosting carefully.

How costly PostgreSQL can be on-premise?

Postgres is free of cost. It will provide you multiple services but you will not spend a penny on its services. For example, it will provide you the services for personal and commercial use. There will be no initial fee deduction, and no further payments even with a SaaS product. Even if you want to upgrade the software there will be no cost to that too.

Can Postgres be considered free on Azure?

Azure Database will never charge you for PostgreSQL. But if you exceed the free account limit then these free services will be ended. But most of the services are available on the free account.

Is PostgreSQL cheaper?

Yes, PostgreSQL is way cheaper than most of the other services. It is famous for its affordable services. However, other contemporaries like Oracle and SQL are paid.

Can we access PostgreSQL free of cost on Google Cloud?

PostgreSQL provides a lot of free services. But as for the Kubernetes cluster, you will have to pay. There is a price charge list in Google Cloud for Kubernetes Engine. Then you will have to pay that amount.

How can we host the Postgres database in the cheapest possible way?

There are a lot of affordable PostgreSQL hosting Providers including Cloud & VPS. Some of them include Digital Ocean, Kamatera, Vultr, Linode, and OVHCloud.

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