10 Fastest Web Hosting Providers in 2024【Tested】

You are currently viewing 10 Fastest Web Hosting Providers in 2024【Tested】

To increase your website speed, you need to perform optimizations on the website such as caching, image optimization, etc. But if your website hosting itself is slow, performing optimizations will not help much. So, the first prerequisite of a quick website is to have one of the best web hosting.

Keeping that in mind, we started scouring the internet to find the fastest web hosting providers. And after hours & hours of speed testing & information gathering. We created this list to help you out, so you can avoid the same hassle.

Moreover, we’ll also inform you about, why having the best Webhosting is important & also what is the perfect WordPress host.

So, without wasting more time, Let’s begin!

Fastest Web Hosting 2024:

The below table lists our top picks for some of the best web hosting providers. All of these provide fast hosting & are feature-loaded.

Web HostingPrice Starting FromStart
Start Hosting
Start Hosting
Start Hosting
Start Hosting
Start Hosting
Start Hosting
A2 Hosting$2.49/mo
Start Hosting
Start Hosting
WP Engine$25/mo
Start Hosting
Start Hosting
Start Hosting

1. Cloudways


Why we love it

  • You get Free SSL Certificates
  • Simplified Cloud Based Hosting
  • Provides Automatic backup with every plan
  • Loading time range from 0.52 sec to  2.32 sec depending on the location
  • Even entry-level packages are fast.
  • Multiple PHP supported

2. Bluehost


Why we love it

  • Easy to use Interface
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Comes with Cloudflare CDN
  • Offers a free SSL certificate
  • Offer daily backups even on the cheapest plans
  • World wide Average speed of around 153-160ms

Discount: 51% off 

3)  AbeloHost


  • Integrated with Softaculous
  • Auto backup available
  • Standard performance

Buy Hosting

3.2. SiteGround


Why we love it

  • Uses Google Cloud for Hosting
  • 6 Datacenters across the globe
  • Speed boosting caching feature
  • WordPress Auto Updater 
  • Free CDN Integration
  • Free SSL Certificate for Better Security

Discount: 60% off

4. HostGator


Why we love it

  • Offers up to 99.99 % uptime
  • Free Migration by experts
  • Affordable Plans
  • Offers VPS & dedicated Hosting as well
  • Better Shared Hosting Response time than most websites

Discount: 60% off

5. Hostinger

Why we love it

  • Page load speed ranging from 0.6 to  2.0 sec
  • Affordable Web Hosting Plans
  • High-speed performance
  • 100 Gb Bandwidth for  just 0.99$/month
  • LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress Acceleration

Discount 90% off

6. A2 Hosting

Why we love it

  • Free Cloudflare CDN
  • Offers Free Website Migration
  • Global Average Speed of 150 ms
  • Turbo servers tweaked to offer speed boost.
  • Offers pre-configured site caching

Discount 66%

7. GreenGeeks

Why we love it

  • Environment-Friendly Hosting
  • Global Speed Average of 118ms
  • WordPress Optimization & auto-updating features 
  • Free Cloudflare CDN Integration
  • Free Nightly backups

Discounted Price: 2.49/mo (was $10.95/mo)

8. WP Engine

Why we love it

  • Performance-Oriented hosting
  • WordPress Specific Web Host
  • Evercache Technology
  • Hassle-free Managed hosting
  • Page speed tests ranging from 0.39sec to 2.00 Sec

Discount: 20% off

9. Namecheap


Why we love it

  • Multiple hosting options including VPS & dedicated hosting
  • Very Affordable plans starting from 1.44$
  • Offers a completely free content delivery network
  • You can install WordPress with one click 
  • Loading time ranging from 0.51sec to 1.89 sec depending on your package.
  • The option of US & UK data centers.

Discount: 45% for the First Year

10. Dreamhost


Why we love it

  • WordPress recommended hosting
  • 97 days money-back guarantee
  • Basic plan limits are high
  • Adequate Average speed
  • Excellent Support

Discount: 67% off


Websites are the new virtual offices that are used for everything. It doesn’t matter what you are selling or representing something, having a fast website can make a huge difference in the end result. Imagine that you are a customer/normal internet user, and want to buy something or get information about something.

You’ll most probably Google that information & open the first few pages. If the loading time of one of those pages is slow, you’ll most probably switch to the quick-loading ones. And that’s what this article was all about, in this guide, we tried to list some of the most reliable & fastest web hosting providers in 2024, so you can avoid this specific issue. And we sure hope that you found this guide helpful.

But wait, before you go, check out our Information box at the end to understand the mentioned terms in this article easily.

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Information Box

What is a Content Delivery/Distribution Network?

Content delivery network or CDN in short does what the name suggests.  It delivers content to the user by utilizing the closest server to the user. In easy words, a CDN creates copies of your websites, and distributes them across the available CDN servers. When a user accesses your website, CDN  will automatically show the copy that is closest to the user.

What this does is, it reduces the server load on your main website, and cut the latency lag issues in between the load times. So, with a CDN, the users of your website can easily access your website content without facing any slowness issues. e.g. a customer in Japan will witness the same site speed as a customer in the USA.  If you want to understand more about CDN networks, check out this scholarly resource.

What is Caching?

Caching basically saves data in the user’s browser to cut the load times & reduce server load. This data helps in reloading your website without utilizing resources from your main server. Most frequent visitors will witness a faster website load time as the caching data builds up in their browsers.

Although, caching does not affect user resources, however, it’s a good idea to clear the cache every once in a while on both ends to deliver the most optimized performance.

Why Website Speed is Important?

As we have frequently mentioned in this article, that website speed plays a crucial role in ensuring that you gather & retain users. First, for SEO purposes website speed plays a crucial role. If your website speed has a higher bounce rate, chances are you’ll not even make it to the top of Search engine rankings.

Moreover, bad website hosting speed will lead to a bad user experience and tainted brand credibility. So, if you want to learn more about Website speed optimization, check out this resource.

What is Bounce Rate?

When a new user enters your website for the first time and instantly closes it that is what we call bounce. And in Google SEO ranking factors the overall bounce rate of users matters a lot.  If your content & SEO strategies are good enough & you start ranking on the first page of Google, but people don’t like your website or content & close it as soon as possible. That means you have a higher bounce rate, and sooner or later you will face Search Engine ranking issues.

What is the Difference Between Cloud & Shared Hosting?

Shared hosting utilizes a single server resource to provide multiple users with web hosting. On the other hand, cloud hosting uses the resources of multiple servers across the world. So, the overall performance of cloud servers is better than shared servers, but they are more expensive.

 Now with all this information, it’s time for you to create your blazing-fast presence online. So, pick up your favorite & start hosting!