12 Best Web Hosting in UK to Get in 2024

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To take your business/individual presence online, you need to consider many things such as SEO, website development & much more. However, the first requirement is a good enough WebHost, especially when considering the United Kingdom, you need to get a web host with nearby data centers.

More on that later, but right now, we’ll get straight to the point and help you find the best Webhosting in the UK. After performing extensive research, reading web hosting reviews, and considering all important factors such as uptime, speed,  proximity, etc. We came up with a list to share with other people to make this process a tad bit easier for you.

Moreover, in this web hosting services review, you’ll not only find information regarding the best web hosting in the UK. We will also inform you about the fastest cheapest web hosting for the UK & provide more relevant information regarding hosting. And we recommend that you should definitely check out the FAQ section at the end to get most of your confusions cleared.

So, let’s begin!

Best Web Hosting in the UK in 2024

The below list contains our top picks for premium web hosting sites in 2024 for the United Kingdom.

Web Hosting in UKPrice Starting FromStart
Start Hosting
Start Hosting
Start Hosting
HostPapa UK£2.95/mo
Start Hosting
SiteGroud UK£6.99/mo
Start Hosting
Start Hosting
A2 Hosting£2.99/mo
Start Hosting
Start Hosting
Start Hosting
Start Hosting
Start Hosting
Start Hosting

1. Hostinger UK

Why We Love It?

  • Very Affordable Prices
  • Datacenters in the UK & Netherlands with fast response time
  • Free Domain Name
  • Over 99% Uptime
  • Managed WordPress even on the cheapest packages

Discount 90-70% Depending on the Package

2)  AbeloHost


  • Integrated with Softaculous
  • Exceptional Uptime: Reliable 99.9% availability.
  • Responsive Customer Support
  • Auto backup available
  • Standard performance

Discount: 30% off

Buy Hosting

3. Cloudways

Why We Love It?

  • Overall cloud-based hosting
  • Utilizes resources from top server providers such as AWS, Google Cloud, etc.
  • You can choose over 5 different cloud providers in the UK
  • Top-notch Support
  • User-friendly platform

4. HostPapa UK

Why We Love It?

  • Reliable Hosting Plans
  • Houses a massive library of  videos to help you out
  • 100 GB SSD space even with the cheapest package
  • You can host two domains even with start-up plans
  • Over 99.91% uptime
  • 24/7 support

Discount: 63 %

5. SiteGroud UK


Why We Love It?

  • 6 Datacenters across the globe and one of them is in London
  • Excellent Live chat support
  • Redundant Google’s SSD Persistent Storage
  • 4-20ms response time to London data center from across the UK

Discount: 60% off


6. ScalaHosting

Why We Love It?

  • Average WorldWide server speed of 138ms
  • An integrated locking mechanism in the SPanel.
  • 99.99 % uptime with return credit offer, if the server goes down a lot.
  • Affordable Pricing
  • SPanel shield security

Discount: 33 %

7. A2 Hosting UK

Why We Love It?

  • Free Website Migration
  • It comes with a free Cloudflare CDN
  • Fastest shared hosting provider
  • Turbo Servers for optimized performance.
  • Unlimited Monthly Data Transfers

8. GreenGeeks

Why We Love It?

  • Hosting that focuses on environment-friendly methods
  • Average Global speed ranges from 120-170ms from multiple data centers.
  • 30-days money-back guarantee.
  • Free Nightly backups, CDN, Domain & SSL certificate on all packages.
  • Automatic WordPress Installer/Updater

Discount: 2.49/mo (was $10.95/mo)


9. Kinsta

Why We Love It?

  • Managed Premium WP Hosting
  • UK based data centers
  • 10-20ms speed on UK Data centers, and an average Worldwide speed of 170-180ms.
  • Free SSL and Content Delivery Network.



Why We Love It?

  • Shared, cloud & dedicated hosting
  • Suitable hosting for a single website with the basic plan
  • Free website & domain transfer
  • Unlimited Email boxes with every plan
  • UK based data center available

Discount: 70% off



Why We Love It?

  • Very Affordable 1£ Package price for multiple packages. (First 6 months)
  • Can commit to a monthly charge instead of long-term contracts
  • Reliable Uptime
  • Live chat available 24/7
  • 0.65-sec page load speeds

12. HostGator


Why We Love It?

  • Reliable uptime of 99.99%
  • User-friendly web hosting
  • Cloudflare CDN
  • Free SSL & Free domain in every package

Discount: 60% off


Websites are a new norm & requirements for everyone nowadays, and with the boom of internet usage. You can take your business or sole presence worldwide. But all of this starts by choosing a web host, you need to consider a lot, so we researched  & created this list for your ease.

In the hunt to find the best web hosting in the UK, we spent thousands of hours reading reviews, checking information regarding all the features, and data centers. And after all this research, we provided you with a list of what we think are the finest & most reliable web hosting services in 2024 right now. And we hope that you did find this information source helpful.

However, this only concludes our web hosting services review portion of this article. We understand that we have mentioned some features in this article that might contain terms that are not easy to understand. So keeping that in mind, we have provided some extra information explaining difficult concepts/terms for your ease.

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Frequent Queries

What’s the best web hosting service?

In this article, we provided you with some very credible brands for the finest web hosting in the UK, and most of these have global data centers so,  you can pick one of these as the top web hosting service.

But if speed & performance is your main preference, we recommend checking our related article on the fastest web hosting to get more information regarding the fastest web hosts.

Moreover, it also depends on your requirements, for Cloud hosting we always recommend Coudways because of the data center’s availability, but if you are looking for cheaper web hosting providers, we recommend either Hostinger or Siteground.

What web hosting service should I use?

As mentioned in the first question, it depends on your requirements, budget & location preferences. For hosting in the UK, we recommend using this resource, but if you want to find out data regarding more specific Webhosting locations as well, you can check out our related resources on it as well.

What are Databases?

To get an easy to understand explanation on databases, check out this video resource below:

Which Hosting is better, cloud, VPS, dedicated, or shared?

Cloud hosting utilizes multiple server resources across the globe to provide you with peak performance. On the other hand, Shared hosting shares resources with many different websites on a single server. So between these two obviously cloud is better.

However, VPS or virtual private server or a dedicated server are separate machines dedicated to the user. In short, with VPS or dedicated hosting, you get all resources for yourself. So, they are better than both cloud & shared hosting most of the time.

What all web hosting providers have 99.99% uptime, not 100 percent?

There is a reason for popular domain hosting servers to offer 99.99% uptime because they take into consideration the natural disasters at hand which can lead to power outages, data center damages & much more. Hence the 99.99% uptime guarantee because that 0.01 percent is the troubleshooting leniency that all services providers keep.

To learn more about this check out this detailed resource.

 Find a Webhosting is not hard, but finding a credible one is definitely a challenge. And with this information source, that challenge must’ve become easier. So, what are you waiting for, pick your favorite & start hosting