10 Best DMCA Ignored Hosting Providers

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There are so many people whose work and profession are dependent on the Internet, and they know what DMCA is. And for those who don’t know, DMCA is a law made in America to protect the rights of original content. It has become very common nowadays for pirated content and copies to be posted online on different websites. But the law is harsh for those who don’t mean any harm and just want freedom of speech, and for that free DMCA-ignored hosting is available to save the day.

Here are the facts

  • Many DMCA-ignored hostings have historically been headquartered in countries known for lax copyright enforcement. For instance, some were based in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, the Netherlands, and various offshore jurisdictions.
  • These hostings often vary in terms of service quality. Users have reported mixed experiences, with some users actually praising their uptime and data protection while others have complained about poor customer support and reliability.

What we have done for you is that we have tested all of these ourselves and have decided to give you the perfect advice.

Now remember, not all servers mean that all the restrictions due to DMCA law are ignored with the help of a hosting server. But in many instances, if someone uses this, their website and the content cannot be reported. DMCA-ignored hosting can work outside of the US but it doesn’t support any kind of illegal act.

DMCA Ignored Hostings of 2024

DMCA Ignored ServerRanking
Flaunt 77
Premium RDP7


Why we love it

  • Their hosting service is fast and responsive.
  • It charges a minimalistic rate.
  • The service ensures the privacy of data from any third parties.


Why we love it

  • Provides a variety of payment processes
  • 100% ensured data protection
  • A variety of plans are available for different tasks.


Why we love it

  • Highly adaptive management service
  • Reliable support and data privacy
  • Easy and flexible payment methods


Why we love it

  • Comes with a variety of websites
  • Availability of cryptocurrency payment
  • Reliable services for free


Why we love it

  • Secured payment methods
  • Physical office available
  • Availability of having domains without personal information


Why we love it

  • VPS managing without cost
  • Provides complete accessibility to admin
  • Guaranteed protection from DMCA

Flaunt 7

Why we love it

  • Ensured data safety
  • Provides anonymous posting
  • Great customer support


Why we love it

  • Quality performance
  • Customer support available
  • Variety of plans


Why we love it

  • Free service of data migration
  • Bitcoin payment system available
  • Fast and easy to use

Premium RDP

Why we love it

  • Affordable prices
  • Ensured protection
  • High storage and fast response

What is ignored hosting DMCA?

Hosting servers that protect DMCA law notice on different types of content.

What happens if a website is not hosted?

A website that is left alone without hosting servers will eventually collapse and might get reported for copyright issues.

Does VPN stop DMCA?

Yes, using a VPN can protect your website from DMCA notice unless you post content that promotes illegal or scamming content.

Does hosting affect SEO?

A reliable hosting server can boost the working of SEO and help in creating traffic for your website.

DMCA Ignored Web Hosting Video Tutorial