7 Best DMCA Ignored Dedicated Server Hostings to Use in 2024

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Let’s talk about what these hostings are for a second. These hostings are often located in countries with lax copyright enforcement, making them appealing to websites and services that want to operate without strict copyright compliance.

Digital Millennium Copyright Act is a full form of DMCA which you can tell by its full form that it is a law made for the protection of the owner’s original content. DMCA Protects the original content from being copied, stolen, or misused.

And to solve this problem a DMCA ignored hosting is needed. The hosting servers for websites or domains that provide complete protection from copyright complaints. Once you apply for a good plan from a hosting server, you will be free from any copyright issues.

Talking about the Facts

  • Now, There have been instances where copyright holders have pursued legal action against websites hosted on DMCA ignored hostings. Some high-profile cases have led to takedowns and settlements. However, tracking all such cases can be challenging due to the global nature of the internet.
  • While these hostings claim to ignore DMCA complaints, there are legal risks associated with hosting or using their services. Copyright holders can still take legal action against website operators and content creators.

What we have done is tested these hostings and given them a score in the below table:

DMCA Ignored Dedicated Servers Ranked in 2024

DMCA Ignored Dedicated ServerRanking


Main features

  • It provides your website with the longest duration for staying live
  • It gives access to the owner for editing at any time
  • Availability of free trials


Main features

  • Organized management with backup and SSL installations
  • No limits and restrictions for any number of websites
  • Fast results and efficient performance


Main features

  • 100% insured server management
  • Guaranteed security service
  • Helps in growth and boosting traffic for the website


Main features

  • No content restrictions
  • Cheap rates and affordable plans
  • Fast and responsive customer support


Main features

  • Upgraded technology of fast hardware system
  • Privacy prioritizing policy
  • Reliable and guaranteed performance


Main features

  • Availability of multiple website managing
  • Availability of domain-building services for free
  • Customer support and guidance


In our opinion, AbeloHost offers the best experience for a reasonable cost.

These dedicated servers are exactly what your website needs as it guarantees the protection of your data and promotes speech freedom. In this article, we have explained the main features and advantages of the best DMCA-ignored dedicated server hosting that will help you choose the right one according to your requirements. A DMCA-ignored storage is the only way to avoid any copyright issues. So make sure you consider one of the these for your website and content protection.

Which web hosting provider ignores DMCA?

There are many options you can choose from when it comes to DMCA-ignored hosting for your websites. AbeloHost is one of the best options to consider for starters and professionals. As it provides efficient management performance services and guaranteed protection from DMCA.

Is CDN a firewall?

Yes, a DMCA-ignored CDN service works as an extra wall of security to completely restrict any third parties from penetrating the system. Having a CDN will help in data privacy and ensure complete protection for your website and content.

How serious is a DMCA notice?

A DMCA notice can be the cause of losing any type of content permanently. Because if you get a DMCA notice as a content creator, it can take down your content by claiming it as copied or pirated material.

Can anyone send a DMCA?

Not everyone can have access to sending DMCA notices because you can only be eligible to send a DMCA notice if your original content gets copied or used without permission. The owner of the content or someone who has access to the original content creator can file a DMCA notice.

Will a VPN protect me from DMCA?

The main purpose of a VPN is to protect identity by hiding the IP address. This can delay the DMCA notice or give a 50% chance of repelling copyright issues but it does not guarantee 100% protection.