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Site Speed!, Site Speed!, Site Speed!

Every time I turn around, I hear or read about “site speed this” and “site speed that,” as well as questions like How to improve site speed and how to make your website load faster. While site speed is essential, it shouldn’t overshadow content development when it comes down to creating your authority sites.

Much emphasis is being put on website speed optimization that it is now becoming the thing to blame if something isn’t working the way the site owner expects it. Now, more than ever, I think it is becoming a bit of a crutch for most. Many are hyper-focused on their gtmetrix or PageSpeed Insights metric and upgrading server to increase website speed that they lose sight of what really matters.




What frustrates me the most is that most of the time, the keys to a fast website epidemic come from authority site newbies. They think that to make your website load faster, one must emphasize performance. Many are not technical enough to know how the web works, and in nearly every discussion forum, I read about someone not earning $1000 a week because their google site speed slows down their overall progression. In reality, it has little to no effect on its site, revenue, or progress whatsoever.

But don’t get me wrong. Website speed optimization can be crucial as well, significantly as the competition has been increased nowadays. People are continually looking for new ways to make my site faster, tips and tricks, and quite severe in terms of SEO, content, and UI. On the other hand, upgrading the server to increase website speed can also be a better option. This is why I will talk about how to improve or increase website loading speed and discuss how to load fast any site.

Besides, if you need additional information on how can I get my website to load faster, check out the FAQ section at the end. So, without further due, let’s get started.

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Tips On How To Increase Website Speed

Before we get on to how to improve website loading speed, you first need to make sure you follow the tips below. They make my website faster, and I hope they will do the same.

  •     Try to invest in your hosting as much as you can and make a website to run faster

If you expect an excellent google site speed score, you should consider investing in your hosting service. This means if your hosting response time is substandard, then your overall website speed will be inadequate to cope with the competition. That’s why I recommend getting premium hosting like Hostinger, which will eventually speed up webpage time.

  • Enable cPanel optimization to make your website load faster

If you check out the software section of your cPanel, you might find an option named “Optimize Website,” go through it and try to enable it as soon as you can.


Cpanel 1

On the other hand, for those who are using a cloud server, make sure to enable server-level caching through SS. This can speed up webpage time. You can easily find the whole procedure on Google.

  • Make sure to use light themes to load fast any site

Usually, most beginners try to cope with themes that are not typically lightweight and consist of dozens of built-in libraries. Or maybe they rely on the themes which use a lot of CSS and GS, which ultimately reduce the overall load time. That’s why I recommend you to choose some light and optimizable themes. Besides, the best thing is that most of the renowned ones are absolutely free.

  • To improve site speed, try to connect your site to a CDN

To load fast any site, a CDN act as a content distribution throughout the globe for websites. So, suppose your user or viewer is trying to connect to your site, located in Indonesia. In that case, your data center will be Indonesia, and it will take time to transmit the data passing through space, increasing the load time. But when you connect your site to a CDN like Cloudflare, they will make a copy of your website cache in each of their servers, so no time is wasted across the border. This will make your website load faster, so you won’t have to search for how to increase website speed again!

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How to Improve Website Loading Speed Through Simple Steps?

There might be dozens of reasons behind the low performance of your site, especially concerning speed. However, one of the most common can be page size, caching as well as slow connectivity. If that’s the case, then you can quickly improve website loading speed through these simple procedures or steps,

STEP 1: Switch to Cloudflare DNS service to make website open instantly

DNS or domain name system is quite handy when it comes to mapping the visiting website’s IP addresses. A low-quality DNS creates a slower page time load, reducing the website speed. That’s why to improve site speed; you need a premium DNS service like Cloudflare, which is absolutely free. Besides, it sorts of work like upgrading the server to increase website speed.

  1. To accomplish this, sign up for their account and add your domain name to their servers. Then after confirming your plan, move to the next window.

Cpanel 2


2, Now scroll down and click continue to review your DNS settings. After that, Cloudflare will ask you to insert your Nameservers. For this, you can contact your domain provider.

Cpanel 3

Cpanel 4

STEP 2: Install premium tools like WP rocket to increase website speed

There are dozens of plugins used to speed up webpage time. However, one of the most prominent ones is the WP rocket for WordPress. And the best part is whether you are a tech person or not; it will show you simple and easy to understand steps to improve website loading speed. Furthermore, it works on compression, preloading as well as stuff like caching in just a couple of minutes. After installing this plugin, you can access it from the top-right corner of your WordPress dashboard. Let’s see what type of settings you can implement in it,

First of all, try to enable caching for mobile devices. Caching itself is a set of procedures through which your site data can be stored and shown to visitors more effectively, which is another way to improve site speed.

Cpanel 5

The other primary setting you can change for site optimization is file optimization. So, enable “Minify HTML” and click on “Optimize fonts.” Minimizing just merges all the code text, so the files can load a lot faster, which will eventually lead to make your website load more quickly. While optimizing the fonts will make it more adjustable.

Cpanel 6

Similarly, it would be best if you marked the “optimize CSS” portion for added performance, which will make my site faster as well as yours.

Cpanel 7

Furthermore, try to activate “Optimize CSS delivery.” This feature will enable CSS asynchronously for each content loaded in your WordPress site. In short, one of the answers to your questions of how can I get my website to load faster?

Cpanel 8

Now scroll down and move to the Javascript section. In which try to select the deferring of the Javascript load. As the name suggests, it will help you delay the loading of your javascript before the CSS or HTML files to your viewers. This will fix issues like “eliminate rendering block JS” in many speed analyzing tools for added benefit. Thus can be an ideal option to make website to run faster. However, make sure to consult a professional developer as for some sites, it can decrease the website’s performance instead make website to run faster.

Cpanel 9

After that, move on to the media category and enable all options to Lazy load. Lazy load is a commonly used set of programs or software that optimizes images, videos, and other media on WordPress. Optimized media is one of the keys to a fast website as well as increase the website performance.

Cpanel 10


STEP 3: Optimize your website images to increase the website performance and make website open instantly

You can rely on LazyLoad to manage most of your media, but one of the keys to a fast website or to make your website faster is adjusting your website images manually. Besides, tailoring your pictures according to your site, it gives the added aesthetics to it. There are different types of plugins in the market to compress the images and increase the speed of my URLs. However, one of the most common is Smush or ShortPixel. They will assist you to improve website loading speed.

The video given below can help you further in this matter.


So, these were my thoughts on how to make a website to run faster. After doing all of these above steps, you might see an increase in page load time, the number of requests, and page size. But before I leave, always remember that the WordPress configurations to your site might be different than others due to plugins, resources, or even type of hosting.

Thus, answering how can I get my website to load faster, might not be easy as it sounds. So consider the help of a professional developer to make website to run faster. Also, if you find this article useful, make sure to check our other blog posts on How To Move a 3GB WordPress Site To Digital Ocean (In Less Then 15 Minutes), Easily add a domain alias to Google Apps (without the sent via), Install WordPress Quickly Using SSH, or 13 Best WordPress Hosting of 2024

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1, How to increase the speed of my URLs?

In order to increase the speed of my URLs (or yours), there are tons of methods we can equip. The major ones include Minifying the HTTP files, optimizing the site images, and deactivating some plugins. While other methods include upgrading server to increase website speed.

Q2, What is the most effective way to increase the website performance?

You can make website open instantly and improve website performance by investing in a professional developer and Web hosting.

Q3, What effects the speed of a website most?

A decent hosting and a quality web server are key factors to make google websites fast. On the other hand, to increase speed of website, one must emphasize on DNS service as well.

Q4, How to speed up web page loading time in chrome?

You can accomplish this by updating Chrome regularly and closing unwanted processes and tabs when needed.

Q5, How fast should my website be?

According to Google, the minimum load time threshold of your site should be two seconds.

Q6, How do you improve browser speeds?

If you want to improve your browser speeds, make sure to keep your incorporated Extention to the minimum and try to clear out cache when possible.