6 Best DMCA Free Hosting of 2024【REVIEWED】

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 Note: This article is purely meant for educational purposes and is not intended to break any Law nor to cause any Harm 

You might have come across the term DMCA when searching for suitable hosts for your websites. Now that there are many hosting service providers, both, DMCA-equipped and DMCA free hosting services are provided. In all cases, it depends on what type of data your website will feature, and your own preference generally. Moreover, there are advantages and disadvantages to using DMCA free hosting servers. In case you wish to adopt DMCA free hosting, you must know what to look for in a good DMCA free host.

If you wish to get all the answers to our queries regarding DMCA free hosting, this guide is the one! All about DMCA ignored hosting has been covered for you!

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What is DMCA Ignored (DMCA Free) Hosting?

You may have found, at certain places, the presence of copyrighted material, and it might have triggered your curiosity. This is easy to wonder how can some material be copied and no action took place. This can be due to two reasons, that are somehow interlinked as well. Firstly, it could be that the hosting servers for your website are located outside the US since DMCA is a US-based law. Another reason could be that your host promises to provide DMCA ignored hosting.

In most cases, DMCA-ignored hosting servers are present outside the vicinity of the US. DMCA ignored hosting is a service provided by hosting servers that will ignore any DMCA notice against the unlawful use of copyrighted material. Mostly this is done by locating their servers in DMCA-free countries. Where there is no law, there would not be any repercussions of putting unlawful material online. DMCA notices at times require you to take the website down or remove the content. A DMCA-free host will help prevent that and therefore, your website will continuously remain online and your visits would not drop. Including this, there are some other advantages along with some disadvantages of DMCA ignored hosting.

DMCA Free Hosting:

DMCA Free HostingRatingStart Hosting
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1. Cloudways

Why We Love It:

  • Fully managed DMCA servers that are quite flexible
  • Superb load times and professional support team
  • Highly customizable DMCA ignored Webhosting
  • No upfront payment or added cost
  • SSD based setup

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2. BlueAngelHost

Why We Love It:

  • Payment through Cryptocurrencies
  • Provides High Amounts of Bandwidth
  • Secure Confirmation Process
  • 24/7 Support
  • Multiple Ways of Money Transfer
  • Features Two Virtualization Technologies

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3. ProHoster

Why We Love It:

  • Free Website Builder
  • Multiple Websites
  • Payment through Multiple Cryptocurrencies
  • Windows Offshore Hosting
  • Free Domain
  • Free SSL Support

You can get ProHoster on prohoster.info.

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4. Shinjiru

Why We Love It:

  • Payment through Cryptocurrencies
  • Physical Offshore Address
  • Features Strongbolt Hosting
  • Registers Domain Anonymously
  • Online Transaction Protection through SSL

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5. YouStable

Why We Love It:

  • Free VPS Management
  • Multiple Website Hosting
  • No Setup Fee
  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • Full Administrator Access
  • Robust Infrastructure

6. Flaunt7

Why We Love It:

  • Netherland-based
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Payment with Bitcoin
  • 24/7 Customer Support

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DMCA Ignored Dedicated Server

A dedicated server is the one that you physically own and have complete authority over its resources. That particular server is dedicated only to your service and is not shared by anyone else besides you. There are great advantages to this, obviously. Not only you get to access all the resources, thereby possessing a hud quantity of them, but also you get better speed. When data is viewed by only one part, even for management purposes, the security and protection of the data are increased as well.

DMCA ignored dedicated servers are those that you can full control over. As it provides completes access to its resources to one party only, it also provides DMCA free hosting. Therefore, with an increase in resources and speed, there is free will to post anything on your website.

However, in contrast, VPS hosting provides you with an isolated environment in a shared server. Each of them has its own set of benefits.


Advantages of DMCA Free Hosting

1. Full Anonymity

DMCA free offshore hosting will help you in keeping your identity anonymous. This has plenty of benefits even if you are not a thief yourself. First of all, you would not be worried by various companies collecting your data without your consent. Therefore, confidentiality and identity theft will not be concerns anymore.

2. High Uptime

DMCA free hosting will ensure that your website is not taken down, or in some cases removed, and hence, the uptime of your website will most likely stay high. When the uptime of the website will remain high, the website will automatically gain more visits than many of its competitors. DMCA free hosting offshore will further enhance the uptime. This is because at times natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, etc, tend to disrupt hosting services. Offshore servers that are less prone to natural disasters will maintain the service and ultimately increase the website uptime.

3. Complete Freedom

DMCA ignored hosting lets you with ultimate freedom. This can also be thought of as the ultimate freedom of speech. For topics that are considered taboo and may cause a DMCA notice, DMCA free hosting will ensure complete freedom of expression. This is essentially true for blogs and articles that are there to educate people on sensitive topics. This will eventually prevent the owner from jail or other repercussions and will help maintain the website’s uptime.

4. Lower Cost

Generally, DMCA-free offshore hosting has lower costs. This is because at times either the taxing policies are relaxed or mainly because they are not answerable to different DMCA policies. Hence, the DMCA free hosting offshore provides a more relaxed environment to work in.

5. Increased Page-Load Times

This can be explained through the example of a website builder with offshore hosting. A website builder from the US serving content to the European audience will prefer to have its servers located near the proximity of Europe. Servers located near the website access location will help provide better speed and performance. Combining this to make DMCA free hosting offshore will provide all the advantages of DMCA hosting as well as better page-loading speed and performance.


Disadvantages of DMCA Free Hosting

1. Illegal Content

With the absence of any law to prevent illegal content from being published online, it will become difficult to stop it. Therefore, illegal content will become common and can lead to several major issues. The variety of illegal content is huge. It may range from posting and sharing private user’s data online or giving away countries’ or organization’s secret information.

2. Copyrighted Material

It sometimes takes years of hard work to create content and get acknowledged for it. However, how would it feel to someone when their hard work gets copied and the imitator gets all the recognition? Not good, right? DMCA free hosting prevents filtering the copyrighted material and therefore, issues like piracy come into existence. At times, the imitator gets financial benefits by using the copyrighted work.

3. Unresolved Infringement Issues

What is worse is that even if you come across copyright infringement issues. DMCA ignored hosting prevents its websites from either removing their content or being shutdown. Therefore, no major actions take place usually against the offender party and the infringement issues remain unresolved.


Related Queries

What are offshore servers?

Offshore servers are located in far-off places from where the actual website is. Offshore hosting is harder to contact and, done in some cases to prevent legal actions. There are three types:

  1. Offshore Shared Hosting
  2. Offshore VPS Hosting
  3. Offshore Dedicated Server Hosting

Offshore hosting is used sometimes to create offshore hosting that ignores DMCA. This provides better hosting performance with added benefits of DMCA ignored hosting.

What is a DMCA generator?

A DMCA generator helps you to quickly create a DMCA notice for a copyright infringement action. These are online generators that you feed certain information into resulting in a notice. This notice is then sent to the offender notifying him of legal actions.


This sums up the complete guide to DMCA free hosting. This guide has all the answers to your DMCA ignored hosting related queries. DMCA free hosting has its benefits as well as negative aspects. Hence, in this guide, we have provided you with the list of the Top 5 best DMCA ignored hosting servers to choose from.

Since DMCA is US-limited, you can also checkout hosting platforms outside the US. A few of them are provided in the following:

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What is DMCA?

DMCA is an acronym that stands for Digital Millennium Copyright Act. It was enacted in American Law in the year 1998. This copyright act was established to criminalize the unlawful use of copyrighted materials. The main purpose of its creations was to prevent piracy. As newer technologies like CDs paved their way, making pirated content became much easier. Hence, it was necessary to ensure the protection of the original content. If someone found out that their content was being used unlawfully, they could lodge a complaint under the DMCA. As a result, the copied content would be removed or access to it would be disabled.

DMCA is not limited by the type of content. It is applicable to a variety of content. Following are some of the examples of the content it can be applied to.

  • Software
  • Videos including movies, short films, biographies, documentaries, etc.
  • Music, audio files
  • Pictures
  • Art Work, paintings, digital art
  • Written documents, books, articles, blogs, etc.