Set Up SSL (HTTPS) on WordPress Multisite

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Well, I just lost my whole post so here´s a summary:

  1. Disable any caching and minifying plugins
  2. Make sure all your external assets are loaded over https (scripts, css files, images etc)
  3. Create a SSL-certificate (most hosting companies allow you to do this with the click of a mouse – thanks to
  4. Change all hardcoded URLs of your site that begin with http to https. You´ll need to dive into the database to do this. I use this search and replace script, but you can also use Adminer or PhpMyAdmin. WPEngine has a list of where to look. Don´t forget to delete the script from your server when you´re done!
  5. If your site doesn’t redirect automatically from http to https, add Apache redirects.
  6. Make sure everything works as expected.
  7. Change the URL in external services like analytics and monitoring sites.

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