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I hope you will agree with me when I say that;

 When it comes to choosing the right hosting provider for our website, Cloudways vs. Siteground is something that pops up first; however, the million-dollar question is, which one is better? 

If you want to Short Answer then Cloudways is much better.

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But if you want to dive into the details then keep Reading!

There is a lot to digest to find the ideal hosting service for your business, especially when you’re someone without much technical background. Figuring out the right server with the right number of resources and backend tools can even get exhausting even for professionals in the market. To narrow down your choices in this regard, Cloudways vs. Siteground Reddit is something you should be definitely thoughtful about.

Both are renowned hosting providers serving just about any online business and eCommerce store. Thanks to the millions of users who have been able to archive their goals with little to no hassles down the road. However, because neither of them is free, you must eventually choose which one to invest in.

Luckily, we have compiled an in-depth Siteground vs. Cloudways review, which will provide you with helpful knowledge to choose the best. Whether it’s Siteground cloud hosting speed or Cloudways pay-as-you-go features, we will have you covered. So, without wasting much time, let’s get into it

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Brief Comparison

Both of these internet hosting providers might be similar; however, the basic difference between Cloudways vs. Siteground Reddit appears to be in the dashboard and network resources. Cloudways free or custom-built control panel gives users greater flexibility, while Siteground cloud hosting is limited to a generic cPanel. Although it may seem simple for non-tech individuals, Cloudways UI seems to be the best. Furthermore, Cloudways’ dedicated resources help everything run smoothly and, in certain cases, even improve loading times.

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Cloudways vs. Siteground Reddit; Which is best?

If you are looking for fast, cheap, and responsive internet hosting, Cloudways is easily the right option. It delivers double the load times compared to something like Siteground but it also costs a lot less than you should be paying. Cloudways pay as you go up, which means you will be charged based on resources rather than individual price plans. Cloudways affiliate program even praises its easy-to-use custom dashboard. All these things make Cloudways the best hosting in the market.

Heads On Feature Comparison - Siteground vs Cloudways
Launched In20112004
Server Availability DigitalOcean, Linode, Google Cloud & AWSPowered By Google Cloud
Uptime 99.9%99.9% approx.
loading speeds
400–600ms 450-470ms
Dashboard Fully-manual Similar to Kinsta
Plugin support A wide range of plugin compatibility Moderate plugin support
User Interface cPanel with simplistic visualscPanel like interface called "Site tools."
Site MigrationCloudways free system migrationAutomated WP migration
BackupAvailable on every subscriptionRegular backups (daily/weekly)
Data Storage Limited to 20GB20GB on startup plan
PHP Protocol8.07.4
Availability of Data centers 60+ About 194
Hosting categoryWooCommerce, Magento, etcManaged WP sites, WooCommerce & cloud hosting
Pricing Starts at $10/monthStarts at $6.69/month
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Siteground vs. Cloudways Review / Overview

Cloudways vs SiteGround - Which is Better in 2024?

Let me give you a quick review of each of these hosting services for those who are unfamiliar with them. So Cloudways is a managed cloud hosting provider, which means it gives you the ability to choose your server type (AWS, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean) based on your budget and site’s needs. This means Cloudways pay as you go up, and your overall expenses are greatly reduced.

The only downside to it is that the level of support that you will get depends on your subscription package. Other Cloudways competitors like Siteground are a popular cloud hosting service dedicated to WP users with reliable customer support and backups. With decent performance and realistic pricing, you can’t go wrong with your website growth. Their professional team will be up and running to hear your queries and resolve issues in case of uncertainty.

What is Cloudways Staging WordPress?

Staging Site: What It Is & Why You Need One?Cloudways free staging is a sandbox environment in which the user can implement or test out different themes and plugins without any significant changes to the live website. This is another factor that separates it from your typical Siteground cloud hosting platform in which the site owner is limited in terms of its application. I hope this clarifies what is Cloudways staging is for you.

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How to use Cloudways Staging WordPress?

If you’re launching your WordPress site on Cloudways, then creating a staging environment is easy as it gets. You only need XAMPP or WAMPP running under PHP, and that’s it. To use this Cloudways free feature, open up the CDN portal and hit the three-dotted icon at the top. Now click the “Clone app” options, and you’re done. To get more insight on how to use Cloudways WP staging, check out this site.

What is Cloudways vs. Cloudflare?

A CDN or “Contact Delivery Network” is a closed server network that enables the hosted network to extract information from the nearest server location. This means that origin data is replicated for a much fast-paced response. Both Cloudways vs. Cloudfare have their own CDN setups, but in general, Cloudways CDN is much more affordable, especially for small-scale businesses and blogs. If you require additional information on Cloudways vs. Cloudflare, then make sure to check the following Blog.

Cloudways vs. Siteground; The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Siteground Vs Cloudways Hosting - Which is Better? - YouTube


So right off the bat, being one of the leading Cloudways competitors i.,e Siteground has a free SSL certificate and knowledgeable customer support. What this means is that they got a ticket system in place, so the end-user doesn’t have to face many complications. Another thing that Siteground vs. Dreamhost reddit contains is free network migration and daily backups. You even have free email support, which Cloudways definitely lacks.

Now moving on to Cloudways review, you have the ability to choose from 5 different hosting servers. Their insanely fast connection also leaves Cloudways vs. AWS debate in the dust. You will also like its easy-to-use control panel, which even beginners won’t have a hard time with.

Available with five different server types Automated backups on all plans
Beginner-friendly dashboard Built-in WP stagging
Fast-paced network connection Hassle-free network migration
One-click stagging for all WP users Provided with a free SSL certificate
Free SSL certificate allocation Ultra-responsive customer support
Dozens of plugin adoption
24/7 live chat and hosting support


In terms of drawbacks, Siteground vs. Dreamhost Reddit has some keen distinction. The resource usage is metered for once, which means there will be a limit on the plan. So, if your site spends more than the limit, it can easily get kicked off, which is something you definitely keep in mind. Speaking of resource utilization, the renewal pricing on Siteground is also quite high. In contrast to Cloudways, although the renewal pricing is kept the same, you will probably need to pay for additional resources.

Unable to register domain names Server disconnection due to over-usage
Cloudways pay as you go up the resourceExtravagant renewal pricing
Incompatible with Email hosting Website throttle is also common
Absence of a Cloudways file managerResource usage is quite limited
Limited in terms of multisite (100)Lack of a built-in malware protection


So, this concludes our Siteground vs. Cloudways review in 2024. Ultimately, it all comes down to your personal preferences and how much you are willing to spend. The truth is that Cloudways might not be the cheapest hosting in the market, but its sure is affordable, especially when you compare it with other Cloudways competitors.

If you can afford cloud hosting, then sure Siteground is prominent but other than that, in terms of additional features such as server speed, dedicated cPanel, and one-click migration, Cloudways won’t disappoint. They even offer a Cloudways affiliate program, which is great for creators.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1, What should I know about Cloudways support review?

Cloudways offer 24/7 live chat support as well as phone support. However, it is clearly limited to Cloudways premium vs. standard plans.

Q2, What are some Siteground extra services on Reddit?

According to a number of Siteground vs. Digitalocean reviews, there are automated backups, free WordPress stagging, and an SSL certificate.

Q3, Cloudways vs. AWS, which one is best?

In terms of features and network speed, both AWS and Cloudways are similar, so there isn’t a clear winner.

Q4, What is average Cloudways CDN pricing?

On average, you need to spend $1/month for CDN utilization (25GB max).