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Nowadays, cloud hosting is getting traction in the market, as more and more companies are shifting to it. The major reasons for the drastic change include higher security, greater flexibility, and cost-effectiveness. Besides, Google cloud hosting allows access to one of the largest networks in the world. It drives extra performance with no downtime or any tedious limitation. It may not be fast as premium services like Azure and AWS. However, as compared to shared hosting, it won’t let you down.

With that aside, today, we will be going through the best cloud hosting services in the market. Whether you are tight on budget or want extra resilience, we might have an option for you. Furthermore, we will also be going through cloud hosting vs web hosting and the main benefits of cloud hosting, so make sure to follow us till the end.

Cloud Hostings For WordPress 2024:

Here is our list of the Top-tier hostings for quality cloud hostings in the market,

Best Cloud Hosting for WPPriceStart
Liquid Web$150/month
Start Hosting
Start Hosting
Start Hosting
10 Web$10/month
Start Hosting
WP Engine$25/month
Start Hosting
Start Hosting
Start Hosting
Start Hosting

1)  Liquid Web


  • Less than 5-minute setup time
  • One-click scaling
  • Default CSF firewall
  • Automatic site backups

Discount: 40% off

2)  Cloudways


  • Supports all PHP apps
  • Access to SFTP and SSH
  • Build-in advanced caching like Redis
  • Two-factor authentication

Discount: 30% off

3)  Hostinger


  • Money-back guarantee (30 days)
  • Dedicated IP
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Multiple backups with free migration

Discount: 66% off

4)  10 Web


  • Automated page speed optimization
  • One-click migration
  • Powerful website builder
  • 24/7 customer support

Discount: 70% off

5)  WP Engine


  • Equipped with SSH Gateway
  • Built-in Genesis Framework
  • Automated SSL certificates
  • One-click restoration

Discount: 20% off

6)  Kinsta


  • Built-in WooCommerce optimization
  • Self-healing PHP
  • Higher performance
  • Free site migration

Discount: 30% off

7)  Siteground


  • Integrated auto-updates
  • The free domain name (1 year)
  • Pre-installed WordPress caching
  • Daily backups

Discount: 75% off

8)  InMotion


  • Unlimited CPU cores
  • Inadequate downtime
  • SSD based fast storage
  • 24/7 live chat

Discount: 69% off


Suppose you are following tech-related stuff for a bit of time. In that case, you might have come across different terminologies like cloud computing, cloud accounting, cloud software, and especially cloud server hosting. If you do then, there is no need to panic as I try to explain it easily as I can.

As the name suggests, it is one of the common but specialized types of hosting based on cloud or cloud servers. Unlike a typical hosting (Shared or dedicated), it is based upon powerful and reliable hardware. Similarly, in terms of capability, it’s based on highly efficient networks of interconnected servers that regulates your site’s data, computing, bandwidth, resources into a single platform.

This way, there are fewer chances of system failures, increased storage capacity, and long-lasting performance boost based upon processing. Besides added features, you will also be able to get greater scalability and flexibility. This way, you can instantly upgrade your hosting environment without spending heaps of money on premium cloud server hosting.

Speaking of spending, cloud hosting services also allows you to spend on the required or desired resources per subscription, even if your archive higher traffic. It’s a great alternative large business and organization or anyone in particular who require stabilized but high traffic conditions and increased performance without compromising much.


Although for many, cloud hosting is an absolute gamechanger. However, it would help if you considered that managing one is not as easy as it sounds, so you often need guidance from an IT professional. This is why cloud server hosting is not well suited for small or local businesses and even low traffic generating WordPress sites.


If you don’t know before, shared WordPress hosting is a condition where you have a single computer setup over a single server but mostly running over a hundred websites at once. These users share the same computing power as well as the same resources in terms of actual hardware capability. It means that the overall cost is reduced as different websites share the same computing resources.

However, this may result in several problems, including a lack of proper security. Suppose one of these websites on shared WordPress hosting is managed by someone who is not concerned about overall site security and gets infected by malware. In that case, it’s possible that the malware can affect all the other sites on the server, ultimately damaging them.

Similarly, with a shared WordPress hosting environment, the websites are prone to DDOS attacks during high traffic conditions, including organic traffic as something gets popular over the site. In this way, there is a higher set of chance that whole servers might crash, leading to extra complications, affecting your site. This technology is also very old and outdated and can be a bit difficult when it comes to updating the hosting software.

On the other hand, with cloud hosting providers or services, you will be able to get increased performance and flexibility as heaps of servers are interconnected with each other in a specific data center. This way, it’s extremely easy for you to scale up high traffic conditions and overall server resources.

Cloud hosting service also guarantees that load on another website in the same hosting environment won’t affect your site. This leads to your site being extra secure because it has a completely different host instance. You won’t get infected by viruses or malware as various websites do not connect the software at once. So, in terms of cloud hosting vs web hosting, cloud hosting definitely wins the landmark, with its performance-driven landmark, affordable nature, increased reliability, and stability.


Cloud hosting is widely praised due to its cutting-edge technologies; however, it may not only be the single most reason for its popularity. Following are some of the common benefits of incorporating cloud hosting,


As expected, the first and foremost aspect of implementing cloud hosting is the rapid increase in overall site performance. Whenever you host your website on Google Cloud servers, you will be able to get around 99% of uptime and overall faster load time. Besides, you can also enjoy a super secure network and solid infrastructure with cloud services.


The next thing cloud WordPress servers offer is the improvement in scalability. Google servers work on automatic scalability setup, which means your site’s need for resources will be automatically fulfilled without buying premium subscriptions.


Google cloud servers are rapidly growing in demand, which is the reason for their sudden expansion. Over the last 20 to 22 years, Google has expanded its servers in more than 16 countries covering 67 zones. These servers are interconnected to bring you greater functionality with low latency.


We all know how effective is Google in terms of maintaining its security, and their cloud-based servers are no exception. They use the same set of instructions to manage their mailing system or even search engine. They also make sure that the data is encrypted among the users, data centers, and of course, Google.


Google cloud server hosting being premium tier networks, provides effective routing and quality global networks that work collaboratively to provide users (visitors) the best experience possible. No matter what is the traffic condition, their management work 24/7 to stabilize all servers.


Cloud hosting may be the next significant leap in the tech world. It offers multiconnected servers forming one giant resource pool. As you buy cloud hosting, you will get a portion of the resource pool to divide your processing capability. And unlike a VPS or a shared cloud hosting provider where you can access a single file location, it will allow you to scatter your server networking. Besides, in cloud hosting for WordPress, there are no physical limitations so that it can be instantly scaled to the website’s essential needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1, What are the top free cloud hosting providers?

Some of the high-end free cloud hosting providers include Heroku, Microsft Azure, Gear host, as well as AWS.

Q2, What is the best WordPress for google cloud host, in the current list?

Kinsta due to its performance-driven features and affordable nature can easily be the recommended hosting for any WordPress on Google cloud platform.

Q3, Is it worthwhile to get a cloud server hosting?

Cloud server hosting is beneficial for those that are running any major businesses or organizations, which are in need of reliability and faster server speeds. While for regular users, it might be overkill.